Best Travel Destinations in Europe

Usually, a person who is going to arrange their first trip abroad feels nervous and excited. First, of course, you are overwhelmed with pleasant emotions of anticipation of a great adventure. But at the same time, you might have certain experiences, and sometimes even fears. For example, you are not sure whether you will be able to meet challenges in a new country if necessary, especially if you do not speak the local language. However, there are some simple rules and tips that will help you avoid embarrassing situations, save you from worries and make your travel to Europe cheaper, safer and as exciting as possible.

Why Does Europe Attract Tourists?

Europe deserves increased attention from a curious and progressive tourist. After all, here you can see the centuries-old sights and get acquainted with the original culture of different nationalities. Air tours allow you to visit any European country at a bargain price and find a vacation for every taste. Europe is a place where you can find any girl for a dating, even dating a single mom.
Do not forget about shopping, for which hundreds of thousands of fashionistas go to Berlin, Milan, Budapest, and Paris. Fashion lovers do not miss the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest collections of clothes, shoes, and accessories of leading European couturiers. It is in Europe where you can purchase several exclusive items that can become an adornment of the entire wardrobe.

Besides, the European climate is most suitable for summer holidays on the beach. The chic shores that are awarded the Blue Flag attract tourists from all over the world, and luxury hotels allow people to enjoy their vacation to the fullest. Fascinating excursions to local attractions, an abundance of festivals, a variety of cultural events will not let a single tourist get bored. European countries welcome tourists year-round. After all, there is always something to see and learn from.

How to Prepare for the Trip?

If you are looking for the best way to travel Europe and prepare for this journey as much as possible, you should be aware of some simple rules that will help you avoid unpleasant situations, meet any challenges and make your travel across Europe as exciting as possible.

·        Plan your travel around Europe and buy tickets and Fly Business Cheap

Of course, you will have to spend a little time. Especially if you are not ready to spend absolutely any amount on tickets. So, look for the best ticket prices and different route options. Perhaps you can travel through Europe and visit several cities or countries at the same price at once. It’s better not to put it off. If you have found tickets at a good price, take them at once.

·        Make a travel plan

Usually, travelers make many plans for vacations, but time is limited. If you plan to visit many attractions, it is best to pre-make a route, download maps to your phone and get a paper map. Mark on it the location of all the attractions you plan to visit and find out how to get there quickly to save time. If you plan to visit nearby cities or neighborhoods, do not forget to consider the time spent on travel and stay in each of the places.

·        Make a copy of your passport and take it with you

Unfortunately, on a trip, nobody is ensured against loss and theft. So, it is better to be safe than sorry, finding yourself in a foreign country completely without any proof of your identity. That is why you should take copies of your passport with you (just in case you can take photos of the main pages on your phone) and be sure to put them separately from the originals.

·        Take a first aid kit with you

The first-aid kit is perhaps the most important thing on the trip since malaise can happen to everyone. In addition, it will be more difficult to buy the right medicine in another country if you have not taken it with you. Search on the Internet what medicines you can take with you on a trip.

·        Get ready for force majeure

Write down all the important phone numbers (embassy, ​​rescue service, police, ambulance and so on) not only on your smartphone but also in a notebook. We really hope that you will not need them. However, one must not forget that “Forewarned is forearmed.”

Is It Safe in Europe?

Many travelers who don’t know how to travel around Europe are wondering about travel safety. And this is right because if you want to go on a vacation, and you will not be accompanied by a guide or group, it is better to think through all the important points in advance.

Europe is considered a prosperous continent. In most countries, the standard of living of the population is high, the tourism infrastructure is well developed, and in many countries, it has already been debugged for decades. Talking about annual security ratings that are compiled around the world, it must be said that none of the countries in Europe belongs to the most dangerous states on the planet. In 2020, the top ten of these countries included the countries of the Middle East, Africa, Latin America.

Best Travel Destinations in Europe

The best way to travel in Europe is to decide on the destination that attracts you most, think about your budget and just go, leaving all your fears at home. There is no better way to travel than just do that.

1. Greece

Traveling to the homeland of myths and legends can be very exciting since the country consists of many islands. You can visit them within one trip, or choose a separate option, for example, Crete or Mykonos, to go to relax on the beach away from the bustle. Here is an interesting cultural and historical program, fine weather and the opportunity to taste delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

2. Iceland

Summer temperatures in this country, located in northern Europe, range from only 9 to 13 degrees Celsius. So, you won’t have to suffer from stuffiness. But you can admire the amazing grandeur of the northern nature, the mountains, take a yacht trip, and swim in the natural geothermal springs that remain hot even in the harsh Icelandic winter.

3. The Czech Republic

The cheapest way to travel to Europe is to go to this beautiful country. The Czech Republic lives up to expectations: it is a fairy-tale country. The streets of Prague are beautiful and atmospheric, Karlovy Vary seems to have not changed since the time of Goethe and Beethoven, ghosts probably live in the castles. In addition, rest in the Czech Republic is much cheaper than in neighboring Germany and Austria. How to travel Europe cheap? Choose cheap destinations.

4. Montenegro

Small and cozy Montenegro looks like a live postcard. Elegant medieval cities, the transparent Adriatic Sea, mountains with combed pine trees and magical lakes make Montenegro one of the most beautiful countries. It’s also about cheap travel Europe.  

5. The Netherlands

It is a country of fairytale canals, windmills, and bicyclists. Here people have windows without curtains and prefer impressive freedom of morals. To understand this amazing country, you need to see it from different angles. However, bear in mind that this is not the cheapest way to get to Europe.

Advice How to Travel in Europe

It’s understandable that it can be scary to go on a trip to Europe when only you will be responsible for your vacation. To simplify your life a bit, we have prepared some tips on how to travel Europe cheap and get maximal pleasure.

1. Solve the issue of mobile Internet in advance

It can be a challenge to search for a suitable Internet provider in an unfamiliar country. In addition, prices are not always affordable for tourists. So, it is better to reflect on this issue beforehand when you don’t leave your place of residence. 

2. Book an apartment

Here you need to proceed from your own budget: if it’s a cheap trip, it is better to stay in hostels or book a room in some private apartments. And if your budget is not limited than it is better to look for hotels. To search for both types of accommodation, search for special sites, where you will find the best deals anywhere in the world.

3. Find information on prices for public transport and its features 

Many people forget about this item, thinking that it will be possible to figure it out already on the spot. But, alas, countries don’t have the same system of buying tickets for public transport. Often, having learned in advance about the types of tickets and possible discounts, you can significantly save on travel. 

4. Go to museums in groups

If you have several friends or your family, then you can easily do that. But if you are going to the museum on your own, do not rush to overpay, chat with other tourists, it may be possible to combine efforts and save money.

5. Do not hesitate to ask for help 

If you don’t know how to get to the public transport stops from the station or airport or how to deal with the terminal for selling tickets for public transport, ask for help. In Europe, for a long time, everyone has bought tickets for public transport in special vending machines at bus stops, and it can be quite difficult to deal with them for the first time due to too many options.

The golden rule of each tourist who arranges a trip on their own: do not be lazy to read information about the country of your visit, from transportation issues to sights and work schedules of places you are interested in. Fortunately, in our century, you can find absolutely any information on the Internet both on official resources and by reading the reviews of other travelers. All this will save you time and nerves.

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The Foundation is Female

In a time when being a woman is the single most important role many of us must play, coming together to support and celebrate each other is even more necessary. At one point we have all studied an image of an iconic space, designed by an accomplished woman, that inspired us to become a part of this community. Each one of us has been moved by the words and thoughts of the most inventive females who give their all to curate not just spaces but to shape the lives of many.

In this story we brought together an array of creators whose collective body of work has crossed global boundaries. Whether demonstrating that design ideas are infinite, shedding light on the rarest makers or moving millions with the click of a mouse, each has given a piece of themselves that will change the path of another, all while empowering more women to do the same.

WHICH FEMALE DESIGN ICON INSPIRED YOU THE MOST? I love the spirit of women like Gabriella Crespi and Greta Grossman. There is something really bold about female furniture designers in the mid-century era, almost renegade (from my point of view). While there were other well-known females working at the time, I love the sophisticated yet playful quality of their work.

WHAT IS MOST CHALLENGING ABOUT BEING A FEMALE IN THE DESIGN INDUSTRY? There are lots of challenges in design as the process involves so many details that need constant attention. It’s rare that I feel a specific challenge to being female. I would say that the early years of raising a child and having a design business are particularly challenging; there are even more logistics than ever! The transition into motherhood was a more challenging period, as trying to strike some balance just felt like I was setting myself up to not succeed in this pursuit of “balance.” Now I realize you just do your best. Certain days, it just all falls apart and it’s okay because we know how to put it back together.

WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BE A DESIGN SUCCESS TODAY? I think vision is first and foremost, but what holds up any business is character. Our vision should stay fresh, incorporating what we find tried and true. As for character, having patience, being a good listener and owning your errors are all skills that I find necessary in our field.

WHAT ADVICE DO YOU GIVE YOUNG FEMALE DESIGNERS? It’s important to maximize your exposure in the beginning and to put in time in the right environment. I also encourage our younger designers to not be reactive in situations. Staying calm allows for more creativity in difficult moments. We encourage them to realize that mistakes happen. Just come to us with solutions.

WHAT CHANGE SHOULD WE PUSH FOR IN THIS INDUSTRY? I love the idea of more mentorship, which led me to discussing
this question with my friend and peer, Sean Yashar. We have bantered about the idea of legacy in design firms. Most design firms
are not structured to allow for designers becoming partners. I think it would be so cool to circle back to this idea from the past, allowing the next generation to be supported as they rise to the top.

WHICH FEMALE DESIGN ICON INSPIRED YOU THE MOST? I love Kelly Wearstler’s work. Her style is so distinct, yet no project is the same. You never know exactly what to expect from her, but you know it will be something layered and immersive, and effortlessly cool.

WHAT CHANGE SHOULD WE PUSH FOR IN THIS INDUSTRY? I think that designers need to really stand by what they bring to the table and know the worth of their expertise. I love that interior design is being democratized to be more accessible to everyone, but when clients reach out to interior designers for their expertise, they need to walk into the relationship with trust that they are working with an expert in this field. And, on the flip side of that coin, designers need to constantly evolve and educate themselves to stay ahead, and to be the steward of a client’s home. It’s a partnership, and the best results are born out of trust.

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO START YOUR DESIGN CAREER? I was always drawn to architecture and design in school but thought of it as something to enrich my life outside of work, not as an actual career. Then, one summer, I was working at a big advertising agency, and came across an article about Sheila Bridges in the Brown University alumni magazine. I was really moved by her work—her interiors are so rich, and every project has a distinct point of view. In the interview, she talked about the hard work it takes to manage projects, and how she built her business, which I found very inspiring. It was the first time I really imagined myself as an interior designer. She’s the reason that I went to Parsons for design school because she went there.

WHAT TREND DO YOU SEE EMERGING RIGHT NOW? I am definitely seeing a return to a more thoughtful way of designing. Quality over quantity or convenience. We have been conditioned to have everything at our fingertips and on our doorsteps overnight with free shipping! Which is great, but that mentality does not necessarily produce interiors with staying power. As time becomes more of a luxury these days, so too does a piece of artwork or furniture that is made by hand. Our clients are looking to create homes that are meaningful, even if that takes time.

WHICH FEMALE DESIGN ICON INSPIRED YOU THE MOST? Louise Nelson and Katherine Hepburn for their style, independent spirits and irreverence.

WHAT IS MOST CHALLENGING ABOUT BEING A FEMALE IN THE DESIGN INDUSTRY? Not looking as perfect as the boys like Jay Jeffers, Ken Fulk and Will Wick do, 24/7.

WHAT TREND DO YOU SEE EMERGING RIGHT NOW? I see designers really going for it! They realize that time is short, so you have to make it fabulous.

HOW DOES YOUR STYLE DEFINE CALIFORNIA? Scale. I followed and studied the greats who I believe mastered scale.

WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO CREATE A LONG-LASTING BUSINESS? It’s all about the people around you. Do they challenge you? I would also say it’s about maintaining grace and passion even when you fall, so you will have the ability to get back up and try again.

WHICH FEMALE DESIGN ICON INSPIRED YOU THE MOST? Eileen Gray, Andrée Putman, Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli. All were strong, willfully independent, left of central, unconventional and unapologetic.


HOW HAS TECHNOLOGY CHANGED YOUR BUSINESS? There is so much about technology that I find a distraction. However, I do love how accessible and global the world of design has become. Even if you can’t get on a plane, you can see things that inspire and educate you about cultures beyond your imagination at the touch of a button.

WHAT IS MOST CHALLENGING ABOUT BEING A FEMALE IN THE DESIGN INDUSTRY? The industry itself is challenging, but my place in it doesn’t feel hindered or helped by being female. If you carve out the place you want, surrounded by good people, representing interesting clients, the challenges of those collaborations are immensely exciting. I have formidably talented vendors and craftsmen/ women and pretty badass clients. They are all creative and imaginative. I worked hard to put myself among all of them, and that was the true challenge.

WHAT PIECE OF ADVICE DO YOU GIVE YOUNG WOMEN BREAKING INTO DESIGN? Being creative and strong-willed is not a negative. It’s important to have joy in what you do, and people will listen. Have your own North Star, work hard and earn your place. Don’t ever step on another woman’s shoulders to get higher up the totem pole.

WHICH FEMALE DESIGN ICON INSPIRED YOU THE MOST? I would have to say Frida Kahlo. What I love about her was how her vibe, style and talents oozed from everything she touched. Her sensibility, integrity, powerful stories and way of being in the world was so inspiring to me—what a force.

HOW HAS TECHNOLOGY CHANGED YOUR BUSINESS? Working in home decor as someone who embraced and harnessed the power of social media somewhat early has been hugely beneficial to my career. Since I got my start in design through my blog, I can say with a high degree of certainty that my brand, Jungalow, would not exist today if social media and blogging wasn’t a thing. Today, our whole model relies on the internet—from our online boutique to our media channels on Instagram and beyond, our whole strategy revolves and tech and the internet.

NAME ONE CHANGE WE SHOULD ALL PUSH FOR IN THIS INDUSTRY. Iwould love to see more diversity in our field. I believe that working with people from diverse backgrounds and studying things from vastly different viewpoints makes everything better. I believe that diversifying the design industry has the power to greatly improve the community as a whole.

WHAT IS MOST CHALLENGING ABOUT BEING A FEMALE IN THE DESIGN INDUSTRY? It’s hard for me to separate being a female in this industry from being a female of color who came up in this industry in a very unconventional way. I do find that at times I don’t feel I’m taken seriously. I also have experienced being offered less money than men for the same job, and I also have experienced unusual behavior, such as people asking to feel my hair. All of these things provide me with unique challenges, but they certainly have motivated me to push myself even more so that I may rise to the top.

HOW HAVE COLLABORATIONS AFFECTED YOUR CAREER? I’ve learned so much from each collaboration that I’ve done. I love learning about all the ins and outs of business and working with partners so I get an inside look at how other people run their businesses. Everything from product development (materials, time to create samples, engineering) to marketing (photo shoots, social media, events), and it’s endlessly inspiring with so many takeaways. I think in many ways, collaborations have been a huge asset to my career and I have learned so much. One thing I would caution against, however, is making collaborations be the core of your business. Over the years I’ve learned that collaborations are truly amazing, but they should be a side dish, or dessert—not the main course of your business.

WHICH FEMALE DESIGN ICON INSPIRED YOU THE MOST? Zaha Hadid. She crossed the boundaries of avant-garde architecture and design and paved the way for female architects.

WHAT IS MOST CHALLENGING ABOUT BEING A FEMALE IN THE DESIGN INDUSTRY? I tend to like challenges, and I consider myself a human first before I consider myself a female in a man’s world of architecture. I love the fact that now more than ever before, women are taking up space in architecture.

HOW DOES YOUR STYLE DEFINE CALIFORNIA DESIGN? My work is always site-specific and inspired by its surrounding nature or city. My Californian style reflects its nature and climate as well as the international group of people who reside here. For example, when designing the La Peer Hotel, the first hotel in the West Hollywood design district, I looked to the art, furniture, fashion and design communities for inspiration. I wanted to create a space where the community would feel comfortable. First, we create the spaces, and then the spaces create us.

HOW HAS TECHNOLOGY CHANGED YOUR BUSINESS? We can draw faster, build faster, print objects with a 3-D printer and design across the globe without having to travel. Although today’s technology is fascinating and advanced and extremely helpful, I still like to use the old-fashioned technique of sketching by hand as the first inspiration for projects.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT THE CALIFORNIA DESIGN COMMUNITY? California’s soul is rooted in the diversity of the artists and creators relishing in conversations and collaborations that celebrate the uniqueness of voice and expression. Cultural boundaries and norms are lifted, ideas and global influences are diffused here. There is freedom in creating art and architecture as a result of the young design history.

WHICH FEMALE DESIGN ICON INSPIRED YOU THE MOST? I am constantly inspired by all of the amazing women in our industry. I mean, just look at the incredible female entrepreneurs who are gracing the cover of this magazine. What an honor to be included!

WHAT TREND DO YOU SEE EMERGING RIGHT NOW? Well, everybody knows that curved sofas are back in a big way. But in terms of real trends, I don’t think it applies to a particular style as I see some people saying more is back and others saying minimal is still key—it’s all so subjective and it’s great to have that diversity. I think that the biggest movement continues to be to find the special and unique, not the obviously recognizable. To find pieces that are exceptionally made, and one-offs to really give a home a sense of individuality.

HOW HAS TECHNOLOGY CHANGED YOUR BUSINESS? It has certainly been helpful, but one has to keep up with it to make it worthwhile. Having a strong online presence that designers can easily reference is absolutely paramount for showrooms these days. Of course, social media is one of our most powerful sources for sharing what we do. However, the downsides are my ever-aching neck, back and right-hand thumb!

WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BE A DESIGN SUCCESS TODAY? Being a multitasker is everything! There are so many hats that one has to wear, so being able to stay aware of what’s going on across so many platforms and thinking ahead about how to make your business more streamlined and client-friendly while running the day to day are all equally important.

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The Comeback Kid

Los Angeles is home to plenty of legends, and Hotel Figueroa is no exception. The 92-year-old downtown destination has undergone a major face-lift, and while the rich history of the former YWCA still takes center stage, the Spanish Colonial landmark is now thoroughly modern. One important aspect of the update: director of experience Seulgi Oh’s Artist in Residence program, which launched with photographer, director and documentarian Estevan Oriol.

“She curated a solo show for me at Milk in 2016,” Oriol says of Oh. “To date that was my best solo show.” Oriol sold half of his displayed pieces that night and took the other half to Hotel Figueroa, along with a few archived selections that all depict his trademark juxtaposition of grit and glamour. For Oh, Oriol was a natural fit. “I’ve seen other programs, but they typically last one night or one week and it just didn’t feel substantial enough to me,” she says. “I wanted something like Claude Monet at The Savoy.”

While the opportunity is currently available by invitation only, Oh says she plans to expand the program for open submissions in the future. As for Oriol, the experience allowed him to display some of his most personal work, including one piece titled L.A. Fingers. “That’s one of my most iconic photos and it represents our city worldwide,” he says. “And to me, Hotel Figueroa is in the heart of the city!”

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Breegan Jane brings in the New Year with Style

Once again, another year has passed. Saying goodbye to 2018 will be bittersweet for some while others will be glad to see it go. But one thing everyone enjoys is celebrating the beginning of the new year in style. We asked interior designer, mommy blogger and lifestyle expert Breegan Jane to share how she plans to make this New Year’s celebration lively and bright. Study up on her party tips that will bring smiles to your guests’ faces and festive accents for your New Year’s Eve gathering.

Go for the gold—AND silver!

When decorating their homes with gold or silver, most people typically choose one or the other. Rarely do they choose both. If you’re one of those decorators, throw the one-color idea out the window for New Year’s Eve! Gold and silver are friends, and they complement each other well. Just be sure to use one as your dominant color, and accent that color with the other. Visually speaking, one color will guide the eye to the other, and that’s exactly what you want your guests to do as they socialize in your space. The warmth of the gold and the cooling tone of the silver will bring visual balance to the overall space.

I’d also suggest bringing in a third color, namely black or white. Black and white are sophisticated, classic colors that enhance metallic colors perfectly. I say use one or the other because of my personal color rule of three: four colors can be too busy, but two, in my opinion, is not enough. Spreading the three-color combination throughout the space will make it look more cohesive. 

Glimmer, shimmer and shine!

New Year’s Eve is a big night, so you should reflect that sentiment with your decor. An easy way to do that is with mirrors. They’re a great way to open up a space, with the reflections creating a look that shows more square footage than what’s actually there. I love using mirrors on tabletops. They add panache to the setting, and they are great way to amplify whatever centerpieces you use for your New Year’s event. 

Candles are another way to spruce up your space for New Year’s Eve and add to your existing light options in your home. Everyone loves the flicker of candles. However, I would highly recommend not burning actual candles and opting for candles that operate on on solar or battery power. Open flames plus inebriated guests can mean trouble! Using flameless candles presents that hint of elegance, but no one will have to worry about potential fire accidents. It is too easy to get faux wax candles with a flickering bulb that have the same visual impact as real candles. And, they’re easy to clean up the next day, also. Win win!

Live Large!

Your New Year’s Eve party is a big deal, so decorate with large profile items. Clear or clear shimmer beach balls in different sizes will present well with your color choices, no matter which colors you choose.

Chrome balloons can also be great accessories that add more vibrance to your party decor. The key to this is not using helium for the balloons (well, not for all of them). Using regular air will allow you to use the balloons to accent tables, counters and even the floor throughout the night. Lay them out all around; it looks beautiful and covers more physical space that way.

Shop Your Home

The holidays can hit us all in our wallets, but New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to. Most women have heard of shopping their closets or beauty stashes, so why not shop your home and create a gorgeous scene for your guests? While it is always important to think of your guests’ comfort when entertaining, that can possibly backfire when it comes to the furniture you use for your New Year’s part. That cushy, oh-so-comfortable sofa will be the first place people go when they get tired as the night goes on. You should consider furniture that is stylish but also promotes conversation and mingling. That said, don’t be afraid to repurpose the chairs in the formal room that never get used, or the furniture that supports outside entertaining. 

By all means grab the fine china sitting in the display cabinet! It’s nice to look at, but if you ever needed an event to use it, New Year’s Eve is the night to do it! They won’t come off as gaudy for this event. In fact, they will elevate the party even more. 

Be the entertainer!

As the host of the best New Year’s Eve party, it is your job to ensure that entertainment happens from start to finish. That starts with the decor, but it will extend to the atmosphere and energy presented to them. That energy means you need to provide the right libations. Champagne will be a must, but save that for the countdown at midnight. One of my soiree favorites is a Moscow Mule. It’s a very light and easy drink, and I serve them every year at my New Year’s Eve socials. 

Moscow Mule

-1 oz. fresh lime juice

-2 oz. Vodka

-1 oz. (12-oz.) can ginger beer

-Fresh mint and lime wedges

Fill two copper mugs with ice. Pour 1 ounce vodka and 1/2 ounce lime juice over ice in each mug. Pour ginger beer into each cup until mostly full. Stir. Garnish with mint and lime wedge to serve.

Last, make sure you have some great tunes! Here are a few songs that are musts for your New Year’s Eve playlist:

Shawn Mendes – There’s Nothing Holding Me Back

Calvin Harris – One Kiss

David Bowie – Let’s Dance

Major Lazer – Light It Up

Outkast – Hey Ya!

Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough

Alex Adair – Dominoes

DJ Snake – Turn Down for What

Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling

Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk

Usher – Yeah!

Little Mix – No More Sad Songs

Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop the Feeling

House of Pain – Jump Around

Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’

Charli XCX – 1999

Mariah Carey – Auld Lang Syne

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