Out on the Town: Tabarka Studio Celebrates Women in Design


Several of the design community’s most fabulous designers came out to take the first “Women in Design” class picture, hosted by and thietkequancafe+Design in honor of s installation at Tabarka Studio, a tribute to the matriarchal pioneer of the decorative arts, Syrie Maugham.

Tim Buggs, Jonathan Brown, Oliver M. Furth, Karyn Lovegrove
Schuyler Samperton, Nicole Gordon, Kim Alexandriuk
Meryl Hadida, Natasha Baradaran
Sean Yashar, Sharon Lee, Rocky LaFleur, Jeffrey Alan Marks, Nicole Gordon, Natasha Baradaran, Lindsey Shook, Meir Zenati
Sean Yashar, Barbara Lazaroff
Meir and Yvonne Zenati

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