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No matter the size of a house- whenever a luncheon, dinner soiree, or dessert party is thrown, guests have a tendency to congregate in the kitchen.

Take a moment and run through your mental remodel checklist.

Being environmentally-conscious and undergoing a “green” home renovation is easy to do with the help of Cosentino’s new ECO recycled surfaces.

When all you can think about is filling a hot tub with bubbles and enjoying a glass of bubbly, perhaps creating a private sanctuary is just the ticket to a rela evening.

With Turkey Day just around the corner and all the winter holidays right in tow, get ready to seat your guests in style around the holiday table.

As natural stone becomes more in demand for beautiful kitchen and bath applications, we sometimes forget that stone is an excellent and dramatic choice for use outside the home as well.

There are a million wall treatments to choose from when giving your home a facelift (just conduct a quick search on Pinterest).

Your countertops no longer have an excuse to exhibit the bare minimum when it comes to design.

When creating a media center, how do you balance style and function? Between DVD players, gaming consoles, cable/satellite boxes, DVRs, flat-panel TVs and the miles of cables that connect them all, TV rooms are a true storage challenge.