The Agenda: Hotel Californian, Made in L.A., and ALT for Living

RevivalHotel Californian This iconic 1925 seaside property has been imbued with a new sense of glam thanks to a stunning refresh by famed designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard.  Else>>>

The Right Fit

The story of this family home proves that the old saying “never say never” is sometimes true.  Else>>>

Hot Events For Cool-Climate Wines On The California Coast

For hot summer days, nothing is more appealing than tasting lighter, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines, especially on the cooler coast where the grapes are grown.  Else>>>

A Canvas for Character

Many remodel tales begin with accounts of homes in bad condition. This story is a bit different. The family who owns this house bought it after it had been freshly remodeled by a contractor and, although everything was serviceable, the character of the Edwardian home had all but been erased.  Else>>>

The Agenda: American Craft Show, Knoll Home Design, and Plato in L.A.

ShowroomKnoll Home Design Shop Modern design enthusiasts in Los Angeles can now add another contemporary showroom to their bucket lists. Knoll has opened its second retail showroom in West Hollywood, so Angelenos no longer have to make the trek to NYC to experience the brand’s furniture firsthand.  Else>>>

Readers' Choice Kitchen Winner: No Place Like Home

It can be tricky to design an accessible kitchen in a Marina del Ray apartment that is equipped with both a generous amount of storage and style.  Else>>>

Open Studios: The Patron

When asked how he became a collector, Nion McEvoy pauses a moment before answering, “I suppose it’s genetic.” If a taste for art is passed down through generations, then McEvoy does seem to come by his collecting habit honestly.  Else>>>

Readers' Choice Bathroom Winner: Gray Matter

When it comes to modern bathroom design, how do you define luxury and glamour? Lauren Goldman of l’oro designs in San Francisco challenged herself to think outside the box to answer that question while designing a master bathroom for a home in Mill Valley.  Else>>>


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