Roundup of the 2018 Legends of La Cienega: Today's Vision Tomorrow's Home

Legends of La Cienega celebrated its 10 year anniversary with an exquisite showcase of window design, in addition to a robust schedule of programing and events all centered around this year’s theme: Today’s Vision Tomorrow’s Home. Legends of La Cienega 2018The thietkequancafe+Design team hosted an e  Else>>>

Castro Merchants Celebrate 3rd Annual "Windows For Harvey" Event May 18-27

Harvey Milk has remained San Francisco royalty since his untimely death in 1978, but in the past few years, his legend has been celebrated in an innovative artistic tribute that spans his homebase of the Castro District.  Else>>>

Step Inside The World of René Magritte at SFMOMA

Quiz any art enthusiast on surrealist artist René Magritte, and they may immediately reference his iconic 1964 oil painting, "Son of Man." You know the one: A guy, a bowler hat, a strategially placed apple over the face?  Else>>>

Silver Oak: How Green Design At The Highest Level Can Be Stunning and Modern

All photos courtesy Silver Oak except where noted.Long a Cabernet lover’s dream wine, Silver Oak now has something new to crow about: Becoming potentially the first winery to achieve two LEED Platinum certifications, the very top level for sustainable design.  Else>>>

Break the Rules and Stay Out on a School Night, Courtesy of Traci Des Jardins

Remember the thrill of staying out past curfew? Culinary superstar Traci Des Jardins wants you to reclaim that rush.  Else>>>

North vs South, Marin vs Long Beach: Two Great Home Tours On May 19

Sadly, fans of Joseph Eichler and Edward Killingsworth can’t be in two places at once.  Else>>>

Mark Your Calendars: The 38th Annual CSL Kitchen Tour Is May 18

The annual tradition is back: On May 18, Community Service League (CSL) will present its 38th Kitchen Tour, showcasing some of the Bay Area’s most inspiring design talents.  Else>>>

A Designer’s Journey From Luxury Brand to Terroir-Driven Wine

For Tim Martin, a brand designer, building Tusk into a cult Cabernet was a matter of marketing aspiration in a bottle, from branding, labeling, packaging, to the luxurious quality of winemaker Philippe Melka’s wine.  Else>>>


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