Wood You Care for a Rustic-Chic Home?

"Rustic chic" is a phrase that's gets batted around design blogs all the time, but it's a bit of an enigma to actually capture. Sure, it's easy enough to parcel out the meaning: You're looking for a blend of part earthy substance, part luxurious style.  Else>>>

No Crying in Home Decorating?

Whether teardrops or raindrops, I don't think I'd mind them so much if they came in all shades of the rainbow. Wouldn't that make for a far prettier storm or crying jag? I'd say so. And to prove my point, have a look at these colorful wall tears: Yes, that's not a typo. Wall. Tears. Why?  Else>>>

Kitchen Rebellion

Chef Russell Jackson was inspired by pirates, smugglers and revolutionaries to open his new restaurant, Lafitte—named after the famous 19th-century Louisiana pirate—on a renovated San Francsico pier that dates back to 1918.  Else>>>

Smart Food

San Francisco’s Atelier KS designed Local Mission Eatery with an eye to the surrounding buildings in its Mission District location.  Else>>>

Watch Your Garden Grow

After a $9 million renovation, the Garden Court Hotel in high-tech Palo Alto now boasts a distinctly old-world aesthetic.  Else>>>

Golly Pods Landing Soon

Good golly! Have you ever seen anything like these Golly Pods, aside from, say, in a Pixar movie? The alien-like ceramic planters are a collaboration between Richmond, CA-based Tend and designer Jason Lane, and they're too fun not to share.  Else>>>

Outdoor Room Contest Winner Announced!

Nearly 10,000 votes were cast in our latest Readers’ Choice Contest: Best Outdoor Room.  Else>>>

Mollusk's Beach-Inspired Prints

As with all long weekends, this last one was far, far too short. If it were up to me, three-day weekends would be the norm. Why not? You'd still get a respectable four days of work under your belt, but you'd also get an added day to enjoy the sunshine, slip off to the beach, and maybe even pick up a new hobby. In fact, I contribute my lack of surfing skills to the country's measly weekend allotment.  Else>>>

Mapping Your World

You are here. And I've been just about everywhere else rummaging for the best in maps to bring to you... here. Below, a few personal favorites that will help you get your bearings as stylishly as possible.  Else>>>

Design Datebook: July 3–4

What events not to miss this weekend, from sales to exhibitions to open houses.  Else>>>


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