Scandinavian Design Direct from San Diego

Scandinavian style has been the darling of the design world for some time now, and with good reason:  Those Nordic designers seem to have a knack for mi whimsical fun and practicality to effortlessly cool results.  Else>>>

Karl Lagerfeld Gets Locked Up

The adventurous designer dabbles in armory.  Else>>>

Celebrate Cesar Chavez Day

There's still time to join in the Cesar Chavez Day celebration. Here are some last minute arts and design-minded suggestions as well as things you can do through April to honor the civil rights leader.  Else>>>

I Can't Say No to Stackable Bowls from the Curiosity Shoppe

I need someone to tell me no more often.  Else>>>

Guilty Design Pleasure: Picking and Grinning

We all have at least one guilty design pleasure—items that are not necessarily stylish or high-end, but we love them anyway.  Else>>>

No Garden? Get Growing Indoors with Cute Gro-Pots from Branch

One week it's sunny and beautiful out, the next it's a torrential downpour for days in a row; yes, judging by the schizo weather we've been having in the Bay, spring is roaring.  Else>>>

Top 10 Design and Home Decor Blogs for Beginners

Whether you’re bringing your home into the new millennium, or just starting on your Web 2.0 journey, here are the top design and home decor blogs CH+D editors say you have to be reading.  Else>>>

Secret Source for DIY Inspiration

I've got a shameful secret to share: I truly adore wedding blogs.  Else>>>

The Book of iPad

The iPad and old-fashioned books make nice.  Else>>>

The Musings of a Nutty Professor

Check out this Sci-Fi Artwork by Sci-ARC professor Coy Howard.  Else>>>


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