Framing the View

It’s not uncommon for new buildings to be inspired by what already exists on a site.  Else>>>

Out on the Town: SoCal Neo Classicists celebrate the Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice brought out L.A.’s top talent for a reception and panel hosted by the SoCal Neo Classicists. The panel featured FORM Design Studio Principals, Joshua Rose and Rafael Kalichstein with Kneedler Fauchère President of Showrooms, Gina DeWitt and Business Development, Rocky LaFleur and was  Else>>>

Let there be Light

While enjoying dinner at a friend's home, a San Francisco couple was satisfied by more than just a great meal.  Else>>>

Material World: A Capsule Museum Show In San Francisco Celebrates Today's Masters of Materiality

In an era of increasing reverence for the beauty of raw materials and aesthetic appetite for all things real, rough-hewn and handmade, a new exhibition at the Museum of Craft and Design, Raw Design, is sure to resonate.  Else>>>

Design Matters: Headlands Center for the Arts

For years, the Headlands Center for the Arts in Marin has served as a creative refuge for numerous artists, enabling their careers to soar. Founded by artists, it provides city dwellers and tourists with a contextual way to explore how art coexists with nature, information and beyond.  Else>>>

The Surfacing Revolution

It goes without saying that Thomas Keller, chef at the iconic French Laundry, knows kitchens. After all, he holds multiple three-star Michelin ratings, and he’s the only United States chef with the honor.  Else>>>

The Agenda: Converso Modern, Donald Judd “Specific Furniture,” and Napa The Nobu Way

ShowroomConverso ModernRare furniture and decorative arts dealer Lawrence Converso has been showcasing his finds since 1993, originally in Chicago and then in Manhattan. Now, he’s finally made the move West with a 2,200-square-foot showroom on Beverly Boulevard in the former Lawson-Fenning space.  Else>>>

Open Studios: The Fearless Flower

Floral design is commonly associated with Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, weddings and funerals. However, Los Angeles-based artist Sarah Lineberger sees the craft differently.  Else>>>


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