Design Details: Hiding the Unsightly

To most, talking about the aesthetics of fire detectors isn't a sexy or high-minded topic.  Else>>>

Form & Function: New Ideas for Common Materials

One of the reasons we love architects is that they see what mere mortals don't (or can't).  Else>>>

Creating a jewel box kitchen and bath in San Francisco

This petite San Francisco house belongs to a couple who are first time homeowners. When they purchased it, the dwelling possessed a lot of potential—and not much else.  Else>>>

San Francisco Decorator Showcase announces the designers for 2018

The San Francisco Decorator Showcase is one of the most anticipated events on the design calendar, and as the opening day (April 28) approaches, we are learning more about the event.The names of the participating designers have just been released.  Else>>>

Where to Shop in Palm Springs

 Palm Springs Modernism Week is just about to kick off. You know where your'e staying, what parties you're attending, how you're goig to soak up sunshine during your downtime and who you want to get some face time with, but what about where to shop?  Else>>>

Last Minute Valentine's Day Getaways For Every Personality Type

Ready or not, the most romantic day of the year is just a day away. Still scrambling to find the perfect getaway to make this special occasion one to remember?  Else>>>

Top Designers Dish on the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the Biz

The crowd at the San Francisco Galleria.During Design San Francisco at the San Francisco Design Center last week, the keynote program featured real talk from some of the state's top interior designers. When Disaster Strikes!!  Else>>>

The Agenda: 2018 Palm Springs Modernism Week Edition

Every year we dedicate an Agenda to Palm Springs Modernism Week (February 15–25) because, with so much going on, it's hard to decide how to split your time.  Else>>>


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