2018 Design Award for Landscape Design: Sculpt Gardens Design + Build

The backyard designed by John and Danielle Steuernagel of Sculpt Gardens gives new meaning to the term “groundbreaking.” It’s filled with stunning elements, but to get there the team had to excavate 450 cubic yards of dirt from a steep San Francisco lot.  Else>>>

2018 Design Award for Office Design: Fender by Rapt Studio

Approaching the design for the offices of a brand with a long-standing history comes with its own unique and potentially dangerous set of pitfalls. “It would have been easy for us to kind of lean on the history of Fender.  Else>>>

2018 Design Award for Bathroom Design: Regan Baker Design

If it weren't for the HGTV reality show House Hunters, this bathroom might not exist. The program follows buyers choosing a new home, and when interior designer Regan Baker's clients appeared on the show, they asked her to style one of the potential dwellings.  Else>>>

2018 Design Award for Hotel Design: The Gray Hotel by Beleco

Some partnerships result in pure design alchemy.  Else>>>

The 6th Annual Silicon Valley Modern Home Tour Returns

On Saturday, June 9th, the Modern Architecture+ Design Society (MA+DS) returns to Silicon Valley for the 2018 Modern Home Tour. The annual event gives regional architects, designers, and home builders the opportunity to showcase their work to the community in which they work.  Else>>>

The Agenda: SF Design Week, L.A. Design Fest, and the Archer Hotel Napa

Design ForumSF Design WeekThis year, the annual weeklong design series is thinking about the future. The 200+ events on the lineup explore SFDW’s “Start Here” theme, which even has its own hashtag #StartHereSFDW.  Else>>>

Gaggenau Debuts Restaurant 1683 in Downtown Los Angeles

Gagganau, innovator and leader in high-quality appliances, has once again brought creativity in luxury design with it’s unique culinary experience and celebration of the company’s heritage.  After Gaggenau’s award winning 1683 series, which debuted in New York City in 2016, Gaggenau introduced its e  Else>>>

On The Block: A Stunning Ruth Asawa At LAMA

[UPDATED] The c.1965 copper wire sculpture is the standout lot in a wide selection of Mid-Century gems at LA Modern Auctions June 10 sale.  Else>>>

Design Destination: Miami's Urbanica Meridian Hotel Offers a Unique Boutique Experience

There are hotels and then there are destinations...guess which category Miami's Urbanica Meridian falls into. The brand, which has three properties under its belt, wasn't conceived by traditional hoteliers, which may explain its utterly unique appeal.  Else>>>


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