Real Estate Report: In Noe Valley, A Stylish Top-Floor Flat, Room For Lettuce

Sometimes, when the listing says "designer-owned",  you're in for trouble. When the designer is Chloe Warner, you're in for an very pleasant surprise.    Else>>>

Real Estate Report: Snoozing Surfside in Malibu's Encinal Bluffs

Seriously, I can't imagine a better place to wake up in. It can be yours for $7.895M.  Else>>>

Real Estate Report: Million Dollar Bathrooms, From the Sublime to the Ridiculous and Back Again

  Most of us put up with the standard-issue 5-by-8-foot space allotted to bathrooms. We think that's insufferably inadequate for such an important room,  especially if we have to share. So here are five baths we'd happily trade up to.  Else>>>

Real Estate Report: Old-School Spanish in Los Angeles, $9.25M

  Not every day you see a house with seven bedrooms and its own parking lot. Almost completely un-remodeled. Just leave the kitchen alone.      Else>>>

Real Estate Report: Dreamy Hillside Cottage With View, No Parking

  In a town where parking issues can take on monumental proportions, the realtor announces in the listing, in caps: VERY EASY PARKING AT ALL TIMES OF THE DAY AND NIGHT.   Else>>>

Real Estate Report: Modern Living in Echo Park with Dick + Jane

    In the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, a pair of siblings–two single family modern houses fill an empty lot where a house had burned down twenty years earlier.  Else>>>

Real Estate Report: Total Knotty Pine Throwback in Bel Air, $1.195M

    Exactly the kind of house the Cleavers, the Reeds, and Dr. Marcus Welby could have lived in.  Else>>>

Real Estate Report: Top of the Food Chain in San Francisco

    San Francisco's Pacific Heights neighborhood is known for  both luxurious places to live and great views. Here's a 1920's cooperative apartment with both, on the market for $5.25M.   Else>>>

Real Estate Report: Rathskeller Madness in Los Angeles

  In the Mount Washington neighborhood of Los Angeles, someone dreaming of the Alps– or maybe just cowbells and raclette– built this "chalet" in 1923.  Else>>>

Real Estate Report: Crisp Mid-Century Renovation in San Francisco, $899K

Sometimes, the generic houses built during San Francisco's post-war expansion get renovated via the DIY/Big Box stores. With predictably boring results. Here's an outstanding exception that just came on the market last week, asking $899K  Else>>>