Real Estate Report: Hot Tubs, Fog and Architecture at The Sea Ranch

  This oceanfront house in The Sea Ranch is perfect for those long foggy weekends on the Northern California coast, and it's for sale at $2.6M.  Else>>>

Real Estate Report: When Staging Goes Wrong- Very Wrong

  Realtors believe in staging. It gets rid of the distracting detritus of someone's life and puts a house in a fresh, open light. Sometimes it goes wrong, as in this Mid-Century classic for sale in Pasadena.  Else>>>

Real Estate Report: Poor and Under-Dressed in Los Angeles for $13.7 M

Houses say a lot about their owners. Some are warm and cozy, others build to intimidate (Versailles, anyone?) A  house ready to do just that is for sale in Los Angeles.  Else>>>

Real Estate Report: $1.395M Decorator-Proof Artist's Housing in Tujunga

  Artists get to build unconventional houses. Here's one for sale in Tujunga made of industrial steel components and wrapped around a swimming pool.  Else>>>

Real Estate Report: Lots of Redwood in La Jolla

  In La Jolla, an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright built a group of houses on a ridge. One of them is for sale.  Else>>>

Real Estate Report: The Hermitage on Russian Hill

There are only so many places to live on San Francisco's Russian Hill. Its buildings are a chronicle of the city's culture and history, undamaged by the 1906 fire, later threatened with destruction by hi-rise buildings in the 1960's and now preserved. The Hermitage was the last project built on the historic hill, in 1986, and there's a penthouse on the market.  Else>>>