Real Estate Report: Condo by Lorcan O'Herlihy for Sale in West Hollywood

  Next to one of Los Angeles' most important architectural sites, a modernist condo is aggressively architectural infill.  Else>>>

Real Estate Report: Housing For Party Animals

  Some guys have a party room in the basement. This guy has a party house. Sold in 2007 for $3.8M, it's been on and off the market this year, now asking $2.9M, and brings new meaning to the term Man Cave.  Else>>>

Real Estate Report: Three Kitchens that Break the Mold

    Looking at online real estate listings, we see a lot of kitchens. Most of them are afflicted with too much polished granite and too many cabinets. Some are so elaborate we can't imagine anyone cooking in them, while others are an unrelenting, melancholic brown. Here are three kitchens that break the mold.  Else>>>

Real Estate Report: Early-20th Century Cottage Gets Fast-Forwarded to the Early-21st

  In San Francisco's Bernal Heights, a vintage cottage gets reinvented with salvaged bits and clever details, including roll-up doors.  Else>>>

Real Estate Report: In Venice— Tall. Dark. Handsome.

    In Venice, a house divided between two pavilion-like structures, connected with a bridge.  Else>>>

Real Estate Report: Everything Old is New Again, Local & Sustainable

    On the outer edges of Los Angeles, a rustic house built with stone from a nearby quarry and timber re-purposed from the Venice Pier.  Else>>>

Real Estate Report: Kayak Out to Angel Island From Your Personal Beach in Tiburon

    There's no view of San Francisco here, but we'd rather look at Angel Island, right?  Else>>>

Real Estate Report: Mid-Century Bargain in Palm Springs

    Like the rest of the country, the real estate market in Palm Springs has been suffering. Here's a short sale now priced at $324K less than it sold for in 2006.  Else>>>

Real Estate Report: Renaissance Faire Ready in Tiburon

    The Storybook Style was popular in the 1920's and '30s. In Tiburon, there's a rough-hewn example that approaches folk art in its execution.  Else>>>

Real Estate Report: Giving Grannie an Edge in the Hollywood Hills

  Buy it, just don't change a thing.  Else>>>