Hard Work: Chic Office Supplies

Summer’s coming to a close. That’s mean’s it’s back to business in the realest way. But in order to be effective at your trade, you’re going to need an inspirational workspace. To get you through that post Labor Day barrage of emails or those requests and spreadsheets, you need to create a space that makes you want to do the absolute best. So we’ve selected a few office (home or work) must haves to make you stand out--like a design boss.

By Candace Abbott
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Sugar Paper Snail Mail Opener

It’s all about email, but when traditional email does land on your expertly style desk open it right. Look to the from Sugar Paper. Vintage inspired and handcrafted, this is like a showpiece for your desk adding an element of thoughtfulness, charm and glamor all at once. $98

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DWR Distill Desk

They talk about a positive workspace. is positively perfect in the design department. Rendered in a molded plywood with a walnut finish and solid walnut legs, the desk exceed expectations with sleek lines and optional storage. Outfit with of-the-moment accessories and a bouquet and you’re working at optimal output. $2030 - 4030

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Nessa Desk Lamp

See the light. Look to your future with a little help from the past. The does all of that. A well-designed piece with a sexy matte black hood and chain detail, this lamp features brass detail, sits on an elevated base and features an always needed USB port. Design and function are what make the world a better place. $149.99

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Felix Lucas Charcoal Abstract

You need to be inspired by something to get you through those emails. Look up to a quartet of . The muted group fare well in any office setting and standout with their silver frames and moody vibe. Giving your workspace the gallery feel these things turn budgeting into a work of art. $1129

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Leather Agenda Cover

You need to keep everything in order. Make it look good with the  in Cognac from Sugar Paper. A finely crafted piece, this soft cover opens to reveal gold rings and classy pin-stripe detail. You can even monogram this. A desktop must and a perfect to appear to have it all together--even if you don’t.  $130

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Laughing Elephant Silver Bookends

Laughable? Absolutely. Crack a smile and gain some cheer when you stroll into your office and look at these . The best companions for your favorite reads, these pair are beautifully sculpted and show off a silver finish to bring a bit of opulence to your workspace. Now that’s funny. $29.99

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Blink Home Havenhurst Shelving

Where do you put those photos you love to see when  you work? And those cool objects that you’ve picked up along the way? Situtate them perfection on the. An expected, but fashionable piece, this shelf shows off acrylic styling with brushed steel braces in an antique gold finish. Super stylish and makes sense to have in your workspace. Five shelves for your favorites just like that. $1789

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23k Gold Stapler

Give it the 23k gold standard. El Casco’s may not have much use for you if you go paperless, but it definitely adds some panache to what you’re working with. Hand polished and made of steel this stapler is a design enthusiasts working dream. $335

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Acrylic File Box

See what’s really going on with all of your work. A Russell + Hazel does all that and then some. The high-style piece looks great in your workspace and keeps you in the know. $74

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