Crave-Worthy Finds for the Kitchen

By Erin Renzas
Photo credit: Courtesy of Cherry Terrace
Stack It Up

Get every bowl, strainer—even a salad spinner!—in one easy-to-store stack.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Paidesign
Three's Company

Made of wood, studio glass and ceramic, these stacking vessels make a statement in the kitchen.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Micuna
Up High

Who says baby gear can't have sleek design? Not us.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Paulova
Wave Patterns

Add a bright, unexpected pop of color to your kitchen counter top.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Ikea
Budget Snags

Sleek design doesn't have to cost a fortune. Ikea's Skyn series of clean-lined tableware by Elhén Johansson starts at just $8.

Photo credit: Sirpa Kinnunun
Cool Crush

These do-everything mortal and pestles are perfect for making sauces, dips and more. Mortteli by Katrina Nuutinen (price upon request from Kamoos Group)

Photo credit: Courtesy of Horne
Easy on the Eyes

This traditional 8-cup French press coffee pot is easy to use and beautiful to look at.

Photo credit: Courtesy of gSelect
Tea for Two

The Kettle Teapot, designed by Norm Architects blends Asian Zen philosophy with modern Scandinavian design.

Photo credit: Courtesy of
Slip and Slide

Finally, one of the kitchen mainstays gets a makeover, thanks to designer George Watson.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Crate and Barrel
Pull Up a Seat

Not only are these indoor/outdoor chairs from Crate and Barrel nice to look at, the are also surprisingly comfortable.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Huset

This organic carafe was designed by Nina Jobs.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Umbra
A Dash of Flavor

This solid acacia wood and brass spice mill can take on any kitchen challenge.

Photo credit: Courtesy of A+R Store
Flip the Switch

Flip your stir-fry like the next Iron Chef with this ingenious pan.

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