Cool Kids

Transform your kiddos space from cutesy to design focused (but still cute). Pull in sophisticated pieces that are fun and functional, but expose your little to a world beyond blocks and animation. From a Cars inspired 1960's VW bed to a 10 foot crocodile beanbag spark your child's imagination and give them a space to let their creativity flourish. Teach them ABC's and let them know that 'D' stands for design. Read on to some of our picks for cutting edge, inspirational finds for your littles. 

By Candace Abbott
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Cloud Lamp

Head in the clouds? That’s a good thing in the design world. Transform your little’s sleep space with the Feature a cotton texture and gold cable suspension, this piece mixes whimsy with wow and turns the space into something magical, seemingly fictional and fluffy. Price upon request

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Violin Plates by Craig Martin

Turn meal time into a symphony of sorts. Inspire the kiddos with . Designed from bone china in a bold pink with a contrast ceramic design these will make your kids hungry for something that tastes and sounds good. That’s music to your ears. $310

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Large Crocodile Beanbag

No pets? What about a super cool, stylish from Kinder Modern. The fun design-centric bean bag measures ten and a half feet long and promises hours of make believe and comfort for your little zoo-keeper. $3200

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Bun Van Bed

You kid is going places. Let Circu’s Bun Van Bed foster that spirit. Inspired by the movie Cars this bed encourages imagination and endless hours of playtime. Aptly designed of fiberglass with chrome detail and wood veneer, the bed features ample storage and room for a t.v. Price Upon Request


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Animal Stool

Let them keep their stuffed animals, but add a fuzzy into the rotation. Designed by R. Takagi With h Concept made by Takumi Kohgai this is as practical as it is cute with a darling tale and in three wild shades--coyote, white and grey. Plush, soft and stylish, just what your kid needs. $485

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Walking Bear Side Table

Let them have bears in the house. But only if it makes the place look better. Bring in the by Deborah Moss and Edward Lam. Crafted from black plaster and cement, this standout piece has a geometric appeal that makes it add depth to any room--even the messiest of play rooms. Price upon request

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AMI Rocker

Babies who rock hang in the . An evolutionary piece, this rocking loveseat goes from bassinet to double seat rocker with little effort. A piece that grows with your kiddo, this is designed of super soft wool and powder coated steel tubes. It’s ergonomic. It’s smart. It’s functional. It looks good and it’ll keep the kids quiet. Sold. $999

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