2017 Gift Guide: Design Accessories

Into the gift giving season and already you’re wondering what to get the design lover in your world. There are the obvious gifts--coasters plants, but why not get a little fresh, fun, even eclectic with your gift giving this season?! We’ve searched and came up with a handful of must have gifts for the design buff or the person on your list who loves accessories. No candles included. So see how to give something small but make a big impact.

By Candace Abbott
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Eikbo Baset

Add some purpose to the gift you give. Heavy in the design department the does more than enhance a space. The baskets, which are hand woven in Uganda from raffia palms and banana leaf stalks, take processed and put them into a program that supports the artistry and contributes to liveable conditions and a hopeful feature for those living in the village. $49

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Lucent Votive Candle Holders

Every space needs a little bit of elegance. This season surprise someone with the. Their look is worn with pretty patina coloring that will evolve with time and they are crafted from recycled steel. And also, no two are exactly alike, so the variety and individuality makes this one to crave. $45  - $55

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Robert Siegel Expletive F*ck Vase Set.

Give an eff. Surprise that cheeky person in your world with the This piece is irreverent and fun, but also, high on the design scale. Handcrafted from durable ceramic, they come in three sizes adding levels to the effs one gives. File under best design gift ever. $148

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Jack Puzzle

In 2017--and for the design lover--puzzle are a little more inspirational. Gift the thinker with the A standout object, this a beautiful paper weight or a glamorous challenge milled by a machinist in Rhode Island. A fresh and fun gift, this piques their curiosity and keeps them moving forward. $95

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Classic Sash Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall, the is the best gift of them all. This brass framed mirror features depth with a rubber back in a variety of styles. The quaint little piece is the perfect office, vanity or bookshelf addition. It sit in a hand cast marble block making it almost as beautiful as what’s staring back at you. This is modern mirror talk and we like it. $275


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Serafina Jug Vase

Bring brass into the mix. Gift them with the a beautiful blend of traditional European charm with modern elegance. The piece shows off a a decadent gold finish with intricate designs all over. A stunning piece for any (and every tabletop), this gift is more than a conversation piece, it feels like history. $80

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Lisa Perry Elizabeth Placemat

Collaborations result in the best gifts. Feminist artist, Judy Chicago and NY fashion designer, Lisa Perry created a vinyl placemat that brings together a symphony of colors that’s sure to standout in any interior. Pink, white and navy abstract print make up this must-have table accessory that draws inspo from Queen Elizabeth I and a host of other powerful women in history. $36

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Tom Dixon Stainless Steel Stovetop

Leave it to the design enthusiast to transform coffee into a stylish happening. Gift the coffee lover in your life with the It’s a five-piece set with an Art Deco designed coffee maker and four espresso cups crafted from stainless steel with a vapour coating. Coffee tastes better when it’s cool. $300

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Un Deux Trois Print

Everything is better in French. Remid your design buddies that this holiday season with the print. Borrowing from the hue of the year, blush, this piece is perfect for a gallery wall situation with pretty script against the feminine background. $44

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