The 2014 'Tis The Season: Gift Guide For Home

Today we continue our 2014 'Tis The Season Gift Guide series, live each week through Christmas. This week, we hone in on gifts that improve the spaces you love. If you missed our Gift Guide For Her, you can find that  and our Gift Guide For Him is here

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Say Oncle

Not just any old barbecue, this 1950s-influenced portable grill is modeled after an old briefcase and carries just as much style. Fire-resistant painted hues easily make , $375, the chicest way to carry a flame yet still feel at home wherever you go.

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Control Freak

Up the ante for any home in need of a safety sprucing. , $249.99, promises high security with a seamless, user-friendly system. Logging records and issuing special keys (some that work for only a couple hours at a time, for the cleaners for example) are just some of the system's high tech benefits. 

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Every Day We're Shufflin'

Get the family together for a classic game of shuffleboard. Not only will it make your space look a little more relaxed, but your house will forever be branded the "fun place" to go for the holidays. And don't we all want that? Prices start at $4,599 from .

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Inside The Box

This mahogany , $1,066, is so beautiful that you could easily use it as a table centerpiece (or if you're like us, selfishly hoard it for yourself as an opulent jewelry box in your boudoir). Somehow modern, but with a nod to Art Deco, it's gender neutral (though slightly masculine), so this piece of work will fit as many spaces as you imagine it might.

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Hostess With The Mostess

Want to be the ultimate hostess with the mostess? Get your hot little hands on the very best local olive oil from everyone's favorite, McEvoy Ranch. Their, $90, comes with a 750ml bottle of the traditional blend olive oil, a jar of Tuscan table olives, organic Meyer lemon marmalade, and a dipping dish from R. Wood.  

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The Throne

In general, we like to stay out of stinky situations, but in this case, it's kind of inevitable. Why settle for the standard porcelain throne when you can seriously upgrade to model that is nothing short of ridiculous (and amazing). We're talking motion activated cover and seat, advanced bidet functionality, music-enabled technology, air dryer, deodorizer, heated seat, foot warmer...should we keep going? Get all that for a cool $5,978.

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Sweet Home Alabama

Named after the Alabama state flower, place setting (shown here in Camellia Opaque White) is something to be lusted after. Mix and match pieces and colors for a style that's all your own. Settings start at $220.50 and individual pieces from $21. 

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Game Time

The outdoor enthusiast is going to be in amor with , $150. Tote around your bocce balls in a heavy-duty waxed canvas carry case with hand-sewn leather straps and whether it's in your own backyard or someone else's, you'll look good doing it. 

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Rain Man

Eight small holes produce a shower-like effect when you pour out your beverage of choice for guests (bonus: it improves aeration for wine). 's hand blown glass carafe is certainly something to get your hands on, $125.

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Top Chef

If you're going to take tips from the pros, Bar Tartine's head honchos are probably pretty high on most people's lists of reputable chefs. Defying cuisine categorization, they're loved the world over, so you know their , $40, is going to be a hot ticket this season. Snatch it up for the foodie in your life.

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Aww Shucks

Leave it to the French to solve the age old problem of how to shuck oysters gracefully. On one hand, protect your mitt with leather, in the other, shuck out oysters with the finest tool on the market. Brilliance from , $70.

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All Of The Lights

In a modern world, control every facet of your home with modern amenities. , price varies based on amenities chosen, allows you to do everything from bumping up the temperature to listening to music throughout the house, unlock doors, set timers, you name it, at the touch of a button...all on your smart devices of course.

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Shelf Life

Dream of safaris and far away adventures while these , $175, hold up your precious collection of bound belongings. 

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Say Cheese

Bring this over to a holiday party or just as a nice gift for a friend, and you'll instantly be everyone's favorite person. , $60, is simply the best and comes with their signature Mt. Tam, the Echo Mountain seasonal blue, and the very popular Cabot clothbound cheddar. Are you drooling yet?

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Crème De La Crème

Danish-designed and expertly installed, this will be the sleekest, not to mention the absolute best way to get your daily caffeine fix. , starting at $7,999, is the crème de la crème of coffee makers. Dial in an exact order for fresh-bean coffee, espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, latte, or Americano using the iPhone, iPad or Android app. Spot even more about it in our Fall issue. 

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Reality Check

Enter the glamorous world of Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz where he's been busy designing interiors for celebrity clients for the last 20 years. Featuring 60+ of Noriega-Ortiz's projects, , $60, is a welcomed sneak peek at some seriously luxurious spaces. 

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Take A Seat

No matter where you decide to place this Lucite and brushed brass seat, you can be sure it'll make a statement. Jonathan Adler crafted this (complete with velvet cushion), so you know it's luxurious in every way possible, $2,099. 

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Crystal Clear

When one-of-a-kind, unique lighting comes together with crytsals in a beautifully designed way, we have to say yes. And because every home needs magic crystals, so should you.

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Tap That App

Give a gift card to select retailers from favorites like or in San Francisco and in Brentwood, to big chains like  through the . A new take on the old gift card conundrum, with Wonder you link your gift to your favorite credit card and swipe as usual to redeem plus you can keep track and send thank you notes through the app. Where has this been all our life?

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