Before & After: Teevan's Bathroom Refresh

This 100 year-old bathroom is an amazing, large space, but nothing had been refreshed. Hints of what it used to be remained, such as the original claw foot tub, battered wainscoting, tired subway tile, and remnants of a classic railroad flat design. With the addition of a baby, the lusterless bathroom became the focal point of the family's morning and evening. It's important to them that the bathroom is inviting, clean, and lovely to be in and it's high time for the space to be restored to its former glory. With care, craftsmanship, great attention to detail and an exciting blend of old and new, Teevan’s designers and builders have transformed the once dark and dated space into a bright, spacious, refreshing bathroom. (Click link on the last slide to watch a video of the amazing refresh!)

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