When I learned about the monthly design-centered happy hour event, Drinks by Design, I couldn’t help but think that they’d invented it just for me. I mean, what do I love more than 

  Sometimes the most interesting houses on the market are the one's where very little has been done. This 1926 Normandy-style house in San Marino near Pasadena is a perfect example.

Each year I make the same promise to myself to sit down and make my own set of holiday cards that are at once beautiful, ever so slightly witty, and 100 percent personalized. Every year, without fail, I break that promise. Sigh! It takes a lot of time and work to be that perfect.

If you missed seeing Bay Area photographer Katie Baum's Jacks print when it first appeared for sale on 20x200 a couple of months ago, that's okay.  Somehow the grayness with that little punch of red seems more appropriate now, on a rainy, winter-y day like today.

Since working at CH+D, I always equate fall with three-ring binders. Not because school is just getting underway but because now is the season of our annual CH+D Awards.

  The classic houses by architect Paul R. Williams (1894-1980) are sought-after in Los Angeles for their combination of elegant spaces and quirky details, especially in the Hancock Park neighborhood. Here's one that's on the market.

Coastal Half Moon Bay is known for its jaw-dropping scenery, but so far that reputation is strictly built on what's going on out of doors. Looking to bring that same level of prestige to the area's interiors is Kristi Will.

Confession: I love organizing gadgets. Sadly, sometimes the straight-out-of-Brookstone-style items disappoint. However, I don't think the Iglu is going to break my tidy heart.

Oakland textile designer Maja Brugo's influences include Scandinavian design, California, graphic design, art, and music.  Oh, and Japanese design and mid-century modern design.  Whew, that's quite a mouthful.  Luckily, the result is Tikoli's cotton tea towels—colorful, modern, and made to mix and match.  

Leslie Clark Grey knows the secret to displaying her collections: cluster then breathe.


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