I Could Live Here: The Chicago

Tomorrow I leave for Chicago, and turns out I'm not the only Californian with my eye on the windy city. San Francisco starchitect Stanley Saitowitz of Natoma Architects just released some shiny renderings for The Chicago, a 64-story residential tower on a long-vacant site at Roosevelt and Michigan.  Else>>>

I Could Live Here: Oh Happy Day's 500-Square-Foot Apartment in the Mission

Yep, I have my pick of all of the available real estate out there and this week I decide to downsize seven square feet. But when I saw Jordan Ferney's absolutely adorable little San Francisco apartment, I realized nothing gets me going like some creative space planning and smart style.  Else>>>

I Could Live Here: Luxe Malibu Rental

I'm based in San Francisco, but often spend at least one week every month in Los Angeles for work. For extended trips, I've long given up on hotel stays, and instead opt for renting a house or apartment.  Else>>>

I Could Live Here: A Mini Mission Mansion

Oh, be still my heart. I may talk a good game about living simply in a small space, but if we are being completely honest, it's really more my lack of a million dollars that is keeping me out of a gorgeous single-family home with its very own patch of grass.  Else>>>

I Could Live Here: Turks and Caicos Villa

I know I'm usually a fairly modest girl when it comes to the type of real estate I dream about, and yes, last week I lambasted Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's obscene Bel Aire manse (but largess and luxury was the least of the its problems).  Else>>>

I Could Live Here: Kim and Kanye's House

 Ok, no I couldn't. I can't even keep up the ruse for one sentence. But since I'm oddly house content this week, I figured why not throw myself a curve ball and see what would happen if I were forced to live in a hideous, 14,000-square-foot  nouveau-Mediterranean monstrosity in Bel Air.  Else>>>

I Could Live Here: A Family Escape in Big Sur

 Last night I cooked and served dinner for nine friends in my 500-square-foot San Francisco condo. As always, it was charming, cozy, and good times were had. But by 11pm, I really wished I had a dishwasher.  Else>>>

I Could Live Here: Venice's Lantern House

I often love both old and new houses equally, but it's when there's a strange mix of the two that I become smitten. Last time I swooned over the latter. This time, I've got a date with history.  Else>>>

I Could Live Here: Cool and Clever Victorian in Noe Valley

This is an old favorite. I've wanted to live here since long before there was an "I Could Live Here." I first saw this moody San Francisco Victorian profiled just after its completion in 2007, when it was profiled by the NYT and promptly lit up the blogosphere. The difference today? It's for sale.  Else>>>

I Could Live Here: San Francisco Ritz-Carlton Penthouse

  I know, writing about how I could live in an $8 million dollar penthouse equipped with an at-my-beckon-call concierge seems like a throwaway. Like I'm cheating at my own imagination exercise. But please, bear with me on this one.  Else>>>